Natural swimming pool

A real freshwater bath in a natural swimming pool (13x6) where ecology and well-being go hand in hand.

As in nature, the pleasure of swimming in healthy, pure water without any addition of chemicals. No more red eyes, the taste of chlorine, allergies.

On 3 sides of the bathing area, there is the vegetation area which maintains the life of the pool. This zone of vegetation called regeneration zone or lagoon, is planted with oxygenating plants such as water lilies; in the shallower zone, the purification plants are installed on different layers of pozzolana which allow the water to pass by filtering it.
The ecological swimming pool works like our rivers (unpolluted) or our mountain lakes according to a cycle that never stops. The sun, thanks to its energy, heats the water and eliminates certain germs; it allows photosynthesis which is used by purifying plants.The latter will fix the nutrients of the water while the oxygenating plants, thanks to their oxygenating action, will allow the life of many bacteria and small animals. In turn, they will transform organic waste into nutrients that can be assimilated by plants. Small animals (insects, larvae) feed on each other and ensure the mixing of water. Bathers also act on the water, stirring up the deep layers of the bathing area. The sun also heats the rocks and small pebbles arranged in such a way as to heat the water without needing the help of any water heater. In short, the water goes through all these stages one after the other to finally be completely filtered and purified when it reaches the swimming area.
Result: the pool's biological balance is created, the water is pure, crystalline, gentle on the skin and does not sting the eyes.

Summer and winter, day and night, it is a space filled with serenity, wonder and beauty; a "living" place that respects the environment.