Our environmental policy

By opening our tourist accommodation structure in 2002, in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, we wanted all of our actions to be based on deep respect for the environment. We would be happy to share with you our love of nature and our planet. We do our best to help the environment, because it's not just about us but also about you and future generations.


- Since the opening of the bikes are at your disposal.
- All renovations inside the apartments are carried out using only eco-labeled materials.
- The bulbs have been replaced by "low consumption" bulbs.
- The shower mixers are equipped with flow reducers.
- The flushes work with water from our well.
- Sorting bins are available in the car park (packaging, glass).
- Food waste can be given to our 2 hens.
- A composter is also at your disposal.
- The household linen (sheets and towels) has been renewed with 100% organic cotton linen.
- We only use ecological detergents for cleaning household linen.
- For cleaning, we favor products that respect the environment and white vinegar.
- The garden is maintained without pesticides, and watering is done during the cool hours of the day with water from the well.
- The breakfast is organic and homemade.
- In 2011 our conventional swimming pool was replaced by a natural swimming pool which operates according to the principle of a biological ecosystem: purification by plants.
- We are able to advise you on organic products and producers in the area.
- In 2020, we have chosen Mint Energie as our electricity supplier, which supplies us with 100% renewable electricity.